Student Composer
Concert Submission Form

Student Composers

Wednesday, April 12 in Warner Concert Hall
Submission Deadline of noon, Monday, April 3

Composers whose works are programmed are required to attend the concert.

Your proposal MUST include a recording of your piece.  If it's for instrument and tape, then record a rehearsal.  If it's improvised, then record a session.  Put the recording on the TIMARA server -- use the "TIMARA" disk and the "Student Concert Submissions" Folder



Which Concert
 birth year
 title of work
 year completed
 any live performers?

To be printed on the Program  (Performers Names and Instruments are required)

If there are program notes or text, prepare a Word file and email it to

Technical Requirements :  

List all TIMARA equipment needs including synthesizers, computers, microphones, on-stage monitors, music stands, etc.

CD playback
DVD playback DVD-AUDIO playback
 Video Projector Stereo PA
On-stage Monitor Quad
 TIMARA Computers?
 TIMARA Synths?
 Sends to house mixer?
(include personal equipment, arrangement, performance aspects)


  • Rrehearsal schedule wiil be set up the day before the concert and emailed to you.
  • Composers of live performance pieces are responsible for moving and setting up their own equipment both before and after the concert including extra helpers if needed.
  • The live performance pieces must be set and ready to run before the scheduled rehearsal time.
  • Composers of CD pieces must participate in the scheduled sound check and remain after the concert to help pack up and move equipment back to the studios.
  • If you need equipment that we do not have in the TIMARA Studios contact John Talbert about technical feasibility before you submit your piece.