Equipment for checkout available only for TIMARA majors or for use in TIMARA classes



A Midi Guitar Instrument. In place of strings there are 6x20 touch pads and 6 trigger pads for strumming/picking. Multitudinous extra pads for programming and performing including 6 rubber drum pads and a joystick.

Zeta String Quartet

Electronic Violins, Viola, and Cello. Includes Amp and the Synthony Synthesizer with MIDI outputs.


Electronic Percussion Marimba. Rubber pads with FSR (Force Sensing Resistors) sensors. Full Synthesizer and MIDI outputs.

Yamaha WX7

A Midi Wind Controller designed along the lines of a clarinet. It outputs Midi signals in response to the player's breath and fingerings to control any Midi synthesizer.

Midi Horn

Another Midi Wind Controller built with brass instrument fingerings. This was designed and built here in Oberlin by John Talbert and Gary Lee Nelson. Professor Nelson has used it extensively in his concerts and compositional work.

PAIA Theremin


Theremin, An Electronic Odyssey

1993 Film about the inventor of the Theremin.

Synth Legends

Film featuring Dr. Robert A. Moog, Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith.


Film exploring the nature of sound by Miroslav Sebestik. Features John Cage and Luciano Berio.

Modulations, Cinema for the Ear

Film illuminating the nomadic drift of post-human techno sound.

Kurzweil Sounds

Compiled by Sweetwater for the K2000. We have 5 discs.

Sound Effect CD's

Ten CD's of sound effects with everything from John Glenn's heartbeat to your favorite animal sound. A copy of the list should be in each studio.

Lucas Film Sound Effect CD's

Six CD's of sound effects. High quality sound production.

A Zillion Sounds

Actually, only 2,177 sound FX and music clips in 30 categories, all royalty and license free. Stored in .wav and soundEdit formats.

Footage FX

Nature sounds, people, tools, transportation, scifi, alarms, guns

Architectural Studio Acoustics

Power Point presentation by world renowned Walters-Storyk Design Group.

Recording Equipment

Marantz PMD Flash Recorders (7)

Tascam DR-100 Flash Recorders (7)

Marantz CDR300 Portable CDRom Recorder

ADAT XT 8-channel Recorder

Roland/Boss SE70 Midi Effects

Korg A1

Effects box with cascadable effects. Balanced and digital outputs.

M-Audio AudioBuddy mic preamp/direct box

Microphones - Shure SM57, Shure SM58, AT4041, AT Stereo

Core Sound Binaural Mic

USB Mic Mate

XLR to USB audio Interface for connecting a Mic directly to a computer

Contact Mics

Sound Reinforcement

Mackie SRM450

Powered Monitors. Stands also available.(6)

Mackie SRM150

Small Powered Monitors. (2)


8" Powered Monitors. (8)

JBL Eon Subwoofer

A self-powered 15 inch Subwoofer rated at 250 watts.

Hemishphere Speakers by Electrotap

Multichannel and Monaural versions. Floor unit with 6 car speakers arranged in a hemisphere. Includes Amp racks.

Yamaha EMX860st

200 Watt Powered Mixer (8in/2out) with two 15" speakers.

Mackie CFX12

12-input, 4-output mixer with EQ and Effects.

Mackie 1202 Mixer

Mackie 1604 Mixer

Optimus SSM-50 Stereo DJ Mixer

Shure LX4 WH10 Wireless Headset Microphone

Shure ULX Wireless Headset Microphones (4units)

Lepai 15 Watt Mini Amps

Powered from Lithium Batteries.

Rane Headphone Amp

Midi Synthesizers and Controllers

Yamaha DX7 Keyboard

Ensoniz SQ80 Keyboard

Yamaha S30 Keyboard

Yamaha SY35 Keyboard

Yamaha TX816 Rack with Mixer

Eight DX7 FM Modules in a rack, controlled through MIDI.

Yamaha TX7

One DX7 FM Module in a box, controlled through MIDI.

Kurzweil K2000 Sampler Rackmount

Roland MT32

General Midi, Multi Timbral, Sound Module.

MidiMan Oxygen 8 (2)

A two-octave keyboard controller with pitch wheel, Mod wheel, data slider, 8 control knobs. USB and Midi connections.

MidiMan Oxygen 49 (2)

A 4-octave keyboard controller with pitch wheel, Mod wheel, 9 data slider, 8 control knobs, switches. USB only connection.

Akai SynthStation49

A 4-octave keyboard controller with iPad carrier, USB only connection. Serves as a controller for the Akai SynthStation App and other Apps with MIDI control capabilities (such as GarageBand).

Yamaha VL70m Sound Module

Physical modelling synthesizer.

Peavey 1600

Sixteen slide controls and a Data Wheel can be programmed from the 1600 to output any Midi control signals.

Behringer FCB1010 Pedal Unit

Ten Switches and two Continuous Pedal Controllers with Midi merge.

MIDI Pedal

Simple Pedal Switch that outputs MIDI Note On and Off.

MIDI Pedal Unit

Pedal Board with 8Continuous Controller Pedals and 6 switches connected to a built-in MidiTron board for conversion to MIDI.

Behringer BCF2000 Fader Controller

USB/Midi Controller with 8 Faders and other knobs and switches.


Provides 8 Continuous Controller inputs and 8 Switch inputs to be converted to Midi Output by a MIDITRON interface.


16 possible 5-volt continuous controller or switch inputs which can be programmed in Max to output Midi control signals.

Electrotap Teabox

High speed interface for sensors.

Media Master - Midi Slide Projector Controller

This device accepts Midi KeyOn signals to control 4 slide projectors and two AC power switches. Here is a way to control your slide projectors through a Midi sequencer program or even a Midi keyboard.

Midi Trigger Box

This device, designed here at Oberlin by John Talbert, has 16 trigger I/O's on 1/4 inch phone jacks, one MIDI output, and a remote control sensor. It has two modes of operation:

Trigger-In/MIDI-Out. Grounding any of the 16 input jacks with either a low-going pulse or a switch (connecting tip to sleeve) will result in a MIDI Key-On signal. Releasing the input results in a MIDI Key-Off signal.

Remote Sensor. The unit will respond to a hand-held infra-red remote control. The remote's keys 1 through 9 and 'A' through 'F' have been encoded to initiate MIDI Key-On and Key-Off messages and also negative output pulses on the corresponding trigger jacks.

Midi AC Power Switch

Six AC outlets switched on and off with Midi Note Commands

Roland CP40 Pitch to Midi Converter

Converts the pitch and amplitude of a microphone level signal into Midi control signals.

Alesis DM5 Drum Module

A Midi Drum Module with 12 programmable Trigger Inputs for Piezo-type controllers. Internal Rom samples of percussion instruments for up to 21 drum sets.

Roland Pad-80

The Roland Pad-80 has eight percussion pads which send out Midi Note On/Off signals when struck. Each pad has programmable settings for Midi Channel, key number, sound length, sensitivity, velocity curve, and various ways of layering of up to 3 key sounds per pad. There is also an external pedal control for Modulation, Pitch Bend, or Aftertouch effects. When eight is not enough, there are jacks for 6 'satellite' pads with the same programmable features as the built in pads. I've tried out our home-built dual pads with these external inputs and they work just fine. You can also build your own sensors without much difficulty. Go out to Radio Shack and buy a piezoelectric disk for about a dollar. Connect the two leads to a simple 1/4" plug that will connect to the Roland external inputs, and then go ahead and stomp, slam, shoot, drop, or whatever. It is that simple.

Converted Roland PG1000

This is a box with 56 sliders each of which can be programmed to put out Midi signals. An external box expands its capabilities to include 8 external control voltages; useful for converting sensor voltages to Midi signals.

Lemur Touch Pad

Analog Synthesis

Korg MS10 Synthesizer

A small analog synthesizer with a keyboard of two and one-half octaves, two VCO's with frequency modulation, one VCF, and one VCA with an ADSR Envelope generator.

Moog MultiMoog

A small analog synthesizer with a keyboard of three and one-half octaves.

Akai SynthStation

A 4-octave keyboard controller with iPad carrier, USB only connection. Serves as a controller for the Akai SynthStation App and other Apps with MIDI control capabilities (such as GarageBand).

PAIA Vocoder

An analog vocoder. Takes some twiddling of knobs to get the right settings.


A home-built box with 5 inputs and 4 outputs. Each input signal is ring modulated with its own VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator). The VCO's have adjustments for frequency and amplitude.


Another home-built box with three Voltage Controlled Filters. Each filter has separate Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch Filter outputs. Each filter has two control voltage inputs, one for Resonance and one for Cutoff Frequency along with pots for setting the range and offsets of the control voltages.

8 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

6 Voltage Controlled Filters/2 Audio Exciters

Paia Theremin


All sensors have their own "personalities". Each has its own characteristic sensitivity, range of control, action speed, noise factor, consistency and so on. Never assume a device will act the way you imagine. Try it out first to determine whether it will meet your own needs and, if it doesn't, try modifying the device or the application.

The sensors described here fall into one of two categories: an on/off switch action such as in a sustain pedal, or a continuous controller such as in a control voltage pedal.

If the sensor output is a voltage, it can usually connect easily to any control voltage input of an analog synthesizer. Most equipment these days, however, are more apt to use Midi signals than control voltages. What you need, therefore, is a way to convert a voltage or a switch action to a Midi command. Most keyboard synthesizers provide just such converters in the form of a Continuous Controller pedal input and a Sustain switch pedal input. Be aware, however, that the two functions are different: the control pedal requires a voltage and the sustain pedal requires a switch type device.

Before connecting a sensor to a keyboard pedal input make sure the sensor action matches that of the pedal and check with the Timara technician to make sure the plug is wired correctly for the particular synth being used. Finally, if you are using more than one or two sensors, look into the Roland PG1000 or the Midi Micro described earlier.

Here are some of our sensors:

Light Sensors

Four small boxes with light sensors. The outputs are continuous control voltages.

Light Wand

This is a small wand with light sensors at each end working in opposition to each other. Its full continuous voltage range occurs when one end is rotated from light to dark while the opposite is happening at the other end.

Pressure Pads

These are built from a pressure sensitive foam material sandwiched between two metal plates. They put out a rising voltage when squeezed.

Piezo Drum Pads

Piezoelectric sensors output a voltage which is sensitive to changes in pressure. These work with the Roland Octapad or the Alesis DM5.

Foot Switch Pads

We have various flat pads which can fit inconspicuously under rugs or mats. When stepped on its internal switch is closed

Flex Sensor

Bending a 5 inch strip in one direction changes the voltage.

Other Sensors

Accelerometer Chip, Softpot, Servo and Step Motors, Vibration Motor, Solar Cells, Cadmium Cells, Reed Switch, Tilt Switch, Infrared Proximity Switch, FSR Force Sense Resistor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Capacitive Sensor, PIR

Arduino Boards and Pic Basic Boards.

Arduino MIDI Unit

Box with Arduino, MIDI In/Out interfaces, 2 control voltage inputs on 1/4" jacks (0 to 5 volts), USB Connection for programming.

Raspberry Pi

Single board computer with HDMI video output, USB, SD card with Linux System. Programmed with Python. See and

Video Equipment

Canon 7D SLR Camera

Canon Vixia HFG10

Canon Vixia HFG20

Sony DCR-VX2000 Digital Camcorder

Sony DCR-TRV900 Digital Camcorder

Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder

Video Lights

Two Small lights powered by rechargable batteries.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

Web cameras with USB connection, Microphone and auto focus. Works as a live video source for Max/MSP/Jitter and Isadora.

MicroView USB Microscope

Panasonic Projector

Sharp Projector

Projection Screen 7.5' x 10'

With both front and rear projection screens.

Projection Screen 10.5' x 14'

With both front and rear projection screens.

Tripod Projection Screen 6' diagonal

Front projection

VGA Distributor

For distributing a single VGA image to several monitors. We have a couple 1-in/2-out units and a larger 1-in/8-out unit.

Sima Video Edit Master

SVHS and NTSC video I/O. Gain, Detail, and Color Picture Enhancement controls. Video fade slider to white or black. Audio Mix section.

Triple Electronic Switch

This box contains 3 electronic switches, each with one output, two signal inputs and one control input. The output connects to one of the two inputs depending on whether the control voltage is high or low. The signals being switched can be audio or video.

Analog Video Effects Box

Twiddle knobs to add effects such as inversion, posterization, solarization and tint to an NTSC video signal. Good for live video manipulation.

Computer Interfaces

MOTU Ultra Lite

Firewire sound interface with 8 inputs and outputs. Also includes a Midi Interface.


Firewire sound interface with 4 mic inputs and 4 outputs.

MOTU 896 Mk3

Firewire sound interface with 8 mic inputs and 8 outputs. Also includes a Midi Interface.

USB Mic Mate

XLR to USB audio Interface for connecting a Mic directly to a computer

iPod Touch (2)

iPad (4)

Decibel, dB Meter Pro, Tone Gen Pro, Freqtune HD, Remote, Remote Mic, Mrmr, OSCemote, Touch OSC, Remokon, Konkreete Performer, Garage Band, Alchemy, Core Synth HD, Sunrizer, Tabletop Synth.

MOTU MicroLite Midi Interface

5 in, 5 out.

M-Audio MidiMan Midi Interface

2 in, 2 out.

iConnectMIDI2+ Midi Interface

2 in, 2 out, with USB and/or iPad connections.

Miscellaneous Equipment

TOA SM-25M Floor Monitor

Small 25 Watt wedge monitor with Mic or Line inputs.


With magnetic needle cartridge and USB phono amp.

Roland Keyboard Amp

Amp on wheels with line level inputs.

Proel Foot Pedals

Simple volume pedal with 1/4 inch signal-in and signal-out jacks.

Remote Controlled Audio Video Switch

Switch between 4 stereo audio, 4 composite videos, 4 svhs video inputs through a remote control.

Remote Controlled AC Switch

Switch an AC outlet on or off from a remote control.

Dayton Sound Exciters (6)

Vibrators powered from any headphone amp.

Old Mac Mics (5)

9v Battery powered mics with line level outputs, phone or miniphone connection.

Stands -- for keyboards, laptops, iPads, mics, cameras